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    I'm just going to start off with the most important thing and that I wouldn't have this as my full time career without God! I felt really called to do what I do. There is a whole story about that but you can ask me about it at our session! I’m an adventurous self taught photographer based in the ole peach state. As a kid, I’ve always been an artist. I loved to paint and draw as a way to express myself. I always knew I was going to do something creative as my career. I was always drawn to photos. As a kid, I'd always want a disposable camera instead of a toy from the store! I remember going to Walmart to get them developed and I would get so excited! I used to do this weird thing where I'd break out the family albums whenever a new friend would come over. I guess I just loved showing off photos and having a thing with memories being captured. I loved to go back and relive those memories. I want to be the one to capture those memories for you! 

location expert. storyteller, photographer. explorer. new bff. 

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  December 2021,
a little queen was
born and changed our lives forever. I'm pretty obsessed with my kid, ok? So just ignore me when I try to show you every single picture of her in my camera roll and the cute clothes I just bought her. I pretty much won't shut up about her. 

   Considering I am always a part of others' love stories, I'm going to tell y'all about mine! Long story short, Michael and I met in high school. We became really good friends and later grew apart. We somehow fell back together.  This time around, we started feeling more than just a friendship growing but didn't want to tell each other. We would randomly drive 2 hours to Savannah at 8PM just to go walk on the beach. Needless to say, I think it was our adventurous spirits coming together is that really made us fall for each other. The more we hung out, the more we realized what was  in front of us all along.
 Michael has always supported me and my business from the beginning. He is always pushing me to be the best that I can be. So much so, that he learned photography for me! You can sometimes catch him second shooting with me at weddings or tagging along with me to a photoshoot while he strolls Kodi around in her stroller. 

"Brooke is so amazing! She has so much personality and makes taking pictures so fun! I could not have asked for a better wedding photographer!"

- katherine harris

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