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3.“The Three W’s!”

i love getting know you and what makes you... you! i love to be able to capture exactly who you are. you have hobbies or something you like to do? let's include those!  We swap stories and get to know each other a little better. then we start to game plan! Got questions? Excellent. We'll talk about those, too!

Wooo!!! We settle on a specific date and general location. sign the contract and send over the deposit and we are officially on! 

The Who, What, and Where’s. Together we figure out exactly what your day or session is going to look like, who will be there, and where exactly it will be. The best part: it's a day that's authentically you. 



I specialize in elopements, weddings, and couples. But no matter the season in life you are in, I will be there to document it! Graduating? Having a baby? I will be there! My style of photography is adventurous with an editorial side! In most of the photos that I take, I try to tell a story or bring out emotion. I want to showcase the art of the everyday. We do throw a few "smile at the camera photos to make grandma happy so don't worry! ;)

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